Sunday, February 9, 2014


Music is such a big part of writing for me and I've been meaning to share a little about the music that inspires me. So, I'm making these lists in retrospect and they are far from complete, but here are a few of the songs I listened to while I wrote...

Fall of Darkness:
1- Almost Lover, A Fine Frenzy
2- Stricken, Disturbed
3- Stay, Rihanna
4- Solo Por Ti, Josh Groban
5- Down With the Sickness, Disturbed
6- She Dances, Josh Groban
7- Too Close, Alex Clare
8- Paralyzer, Finger Eleven
9- Take a Bow, Rihanna
10- Young and Beautiful, Lana Del Rey
11- Wake Me Up Inside, Evanescence
12- My Immortal, Evanescence

Dark Redemption:
1- Demons, Imagine Dragons
2- Dance With the Devil, Breaking Benjamin
3- Gravity, Sara Bareilles
4- I Will Not Bow, Breaking Benjamin
5- Give Me a Sign, Breaking Benjamin
6- La Vie En Rose, Edith Piaf
7- Iris, Goo Goo Dolls
8- The Monster, Eminem & Rihanna

Come Back to Me
1- To Make You Feel My Love, Garth Brooks
2- Still Holding Out For You, SheDaisy
3- Just a Dream, Carrie Underwood

Ace of Spades
1- Rock Star, Nickelback
2- Let Her Go, Passenger
3- Say Something, A Great Big World & Christina Aquilera
4- Patient Love, Passenger
5- Under the Bridge, Red Hot Chili Peppers
6- Story of My Life, One Direction
7- Harder to Breathe, Maroon 5
8- Turn the Page, Metallica
9- All of Me, John Legend
10- Crystal Ball, Pink
11- Black Hole Sun, Soundgarden
12- I Can Feel It Coming Back Again, Pearl Jam

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