Saturday, July 27, 2013

Review of Alphabet Dating, by Monique McDonell

I was provided a complimentary copy of Alphabet Dating by the author, Monique McDonell, for an honest review.

About Alphabet Dating:

Serena’s friends have a plan to get her dating again - 26 dates in a month - one for every letter in the alphabet. What could possibly go wrong?
When Serena Sanders reluctantly agrees to participate in the Alphabet Dating Plan she knows it will be tough but there’s so much she hadn’t factored in. Who knew men were so complicated? Not Serena.
As she begins dating her way through the alphabet she starts to learn more about herself and her friends than she ever expected as secrets and hidden agendas are revealed. Alphabet Dating is a love story – a tale of lost love, unrequited love, platonic love and ultimately it’s about learning to love again.

My review: 3.5 Stars

Alphabet Dating is definitely a fun, heartfelt story. The characters are likeable and diverse, the story is well-developed, and the author has a unique and charming "voice." The blind dates are wacky, the love story sweet, and the hero and heroine have great chemistry. The main struggle with this book is the punctuation, grammar, and overall copyediting. I'm pretty tolerant as far as typographical errors go; I know how hard it is to get a clean edit, but this book is full of errors that detract and confuse the reader.

Overall, I would recommend reading Alphabet Dating. It's a quick read with good, clean fun and a lot of heart. Just be prepared for a bit of a bumpy read.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Another Fabulous Review!

Who needs running with all the happy dancing I've been doing lately? I still can't believe people are responding so well to MY writing. I just received another 5-star review from yet another MALE AUTHOR! As a romance novelist, I consider women my target audience, but am thrilled to find men are enjoying my story as well. Check it out...
5.0 out of 5 stars A very strong 5 Star book., July 24, 2013

Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?)

I personally don't give out 5 Stars just to be nice, I believe that it lowers the bar when everyone rates every book at 5. This book is an exception, it deserves every star.
I bought this book, based on a lot of chatter on Facebook about it, and the wonderful cover. This is one time I am very glad I took notice to the chatter, and judged a book by its cover. I wasn't disappointed.
Though the star-crossed lover story has been done over once or twice, Elle Bright has written a excellent fresh story, that grabs your attention in the first few pages, and holds you to the very end.
Weaving the paranormal world with the normal, we follow Kate the girl next door working her way through life as a nurse, who is thrust into a life she didn't believe existed, filled with Werewolf assassins, Vampire tutors, sex, money and a world ending prophecy.
I highly recommend 'Fall of Darkness' and believe you won't be able to put it down.

I gladly give 5 STARS to Elle Bright's FALL of DARKNESS

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Still FIVE stars and holding!

Words can not express how ecstatic I am about the latest review I received for Fall of Darkness. This particular review was written by another author, who happens to be a male doctor. Though he is far from the typical paranormal romance reader, he had nothing but wonderful things to say...

5.0 out of 5 stars do yourself a favor and read this book!, July 22, 2013

Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?)

This review is from: Fall of Darkness (The Chronicles of Darkness) (Kindle Edition)
I hate clich├ęs but, in this case, it's valid when I say, "do yourself a favor and read this book." Though this is not typically a genre which interests me, a friend told me about the book and thought I'd enjoy it. Armed with skepticism and prepared to dismiss the story quickly, I started to read and was drawn into the story within the first couple of paragraphs, then read a little more, then a little more. I told myself, "well, maybe just one more page" and soon found myself finishing the book in a single weekend sitting. Elle Bright writes in a style that reminds me of Dan Brown and does an excellent job of developing characters that one develops an interest in quickly. The continuity and action are ever-present, leading the reader to turn to the next page to see what happens. In a genre probably over-crowded w/ authors, both old and new, it's difficult for a new author to stand out from the crowd but Elle Bright has done that w/ "Fall of Darkness."

My Guest Post on "Murder by 4"

I was thrilled when author Aaron Lazar invited me to write a guest post for his award-winning blog, Murder by 4. I chose to write about my indie experience thus far. Check it out...

Monday, July 8, 2013

Fall of Darkness on Chris Weigand's Blog

The writing community is such an awesome place. This author was kind enough to do a promo for my book on her blog... check it out. :)

Guest Author- Liz Newman

One of my favorite things about the writing community is the AMAZING people who I get to meet. Please, allow me to introduce one of my newest author friends, Liz Newman, and her new release, The New Orleans Way.

Welcome, Liz.

1) What name do you write under?
Liz Newman

2) What Genre do you write?
I write historical, fantasy, contemporary, and paranormal fiction with strong romantic elements

3) Tell me about your latest book you’re promoting?
The New Orleans Way is a historical romance released by Secret Cravings Publishing in both trade paperback and eBook. The novel is now on sale for a limited time on Amazon in Kindle format for the low price of only .99.

The book is set in the 1890s when New Orleans was on the verge of becoming the wonderful cultural haven that it is today. The manors of the Garden District and the French Quarter were being built and many of them still stand, electricity was first introduced, and the city's cuisine was blossoming with the blend of flavors and influences that have withstood the test of time. This was a time at the end of the influence of the Victorian age, when the many aspects of New Orleans that are its very signature began to burgeon.

Here is a summary of the book:
Everything comes at a price. Love. Security. Even happiness.
On the day of her debutante ball, Rosemarie Kuhn is heralded at "The Next Great Lady of New Orleans." Despite her love for the lowborn private detective Michael Hennessy, she is betrothed by her mother to marry General George C. Boas. Spurned by the general and a false marriage certificate, she guns him down in front of his favorite tavern at St. Anthony Street. With her family's income in jeopardy, her home is turned into a casino for high class patrons funded by the first families who brought The Mafia to the United States. As her love for detective Michael Hennessy grows, she is torn from her desire for him and the promise she made to her dying mother.

4) What is your favorite part of writing?
My favorite part about writing is crafting a story that grows out of an idea. I love reading the finished product. The story always grows into something different than it's original genesis. The creative process is a unique journey to follow with every story, and there is always a new journey to be taken when the next book begins.

5) What is one tip you would give a writer just starting out?
Write, then rewrite, rewrite, rewrite; no matter how scary it is. A story is like a diamond; it needs to be refined. Your editor at the publishing house will tell you when it's truly done, but until that wonderful moment, it is up to the writer to make the book whatever he or she believes is absolutely perfect.

6) Blog or Website address?

7) Buy Links
Amazon USA
Amazon UK
Amazon Canada
Sweet Cravings Publishing
Leave a comment and win some swag! Blog participants are eligible to win one of three five dollar Amazon gift cards, a signed eBook of The New Orleans Way in trade paperback, an eBook of The New Orleans Way, bookmarks, pens, and other fun stuff. Winners will be announced on September 15th.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Fall of Darkness Review on Nicci's Book Blog

Nicci in the UK was kind enough to read and review my book before release. Check out what she had to say here...

Thanks, Nicci!

My debut novel, Fall of Darkness is now available for kindle on Amazon!

"Pure escapism at its best." -- Nicci's Book Blog
"Intriguing and well developed." -- Obsession is a Book
"Hard to put down." -- Author Emma Stone

Fall of Darkness (The Darkness Chronicles, Book 1)

One woman, the fate of the world in her unknowing hands. One man, sworn to destroy her. A love so strong it defies nature. In a world of obsession, deception & betrayal, the line between good and evil fades, but one truth remains absolute. Darkness must fall.

For centuries, werewolf, Dominic Ridolfi, has battled the demons of the night, upholding the sacred pact to protect man from vampires. Yet when sent to destroy the long lost Cacciatori heiress, a vampire prophesied to free her kind from the curse of darkness, he finds himself reluctant to complete his task. The innocent beauty awakens his humanity and Dominic finds himself not in the role of assassin, but savior.

Swept away in a whirlwind romance, Kate loses herself in Dominic’s mysterious world of opulence and seduction. But Dominic has a secret. He knows the truth about Kate’s past, and her future, truths with the power to destroy them both. Only in her dreams does Kate sense the growing darkness within. Dominic saved her once, but can she save herself from the darkness within?