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Blog Tour Recap of Reviews

 I received some reviews with both complimentary and constructive feedback during my tour. Check out what the fabulous blogosphere had to say about Fall of Darkness:

Review from Three Girls and a Book Obsession:

I'm a serious... SERIOUS sucker for paranormal romances, especially vampire/werewolf romances. Fall of Darkness was a fantastic paranormal romance. I LOVED the connection the Dominic and Kate had throughout the entire story. I was so mad at Dominic for awhile for not sharing the truth with Kate sooner. But really... who could blame him?! I'd want to get my hooks in real deep before I gave the blow that he had to give. 

Kate is an amazing young woman who loves her family, friends, and her job as a nurse. She absolutely no idea that her birth parents were vampires and that she is EXTREMELY important to the world of vampires and werewolves. Kate has been having dreams but has no idea that they are telling her the future that comes but Dominic knows everything and he is keeping this secret from Kate. As Kate is slowly turning into a vampire, Dominic is struggling with committing the biggest betrayal against with werewolf family; falling for the vampire princess who he was sent to kill.

I really did love Dominic and Kate, they had such an amazing connection and Dominic treated her with such care and wanted all of her dreams to come true and worked hard to make the happen. As Kate finds out the truth and is thrust into life with her true family I found myself wavering on who I wanted Kate or as her true self, Katerina, to end up with someone else..GASP!! I know, I really struggled and felt like I was cheating on Dominic. 

 This is seriously a great paranormal romance read. I did find myself struggling with the changing wasn't that I didn't like getting both of their views.. I actually really LOVED it. For awhile, I had a hard time following the transition of who's POV the story was being told from. At times, it would take a few paragraphs for me to realize who it was. This story brought a lot of aspects from all the other vampire romances I've read into one story. 
I can't wait for the second story in the series!!


Review from A Generous Helping of Romance:

 Kate is running. Always running. She knows not from what she seeks escape but something horrendous chases her in her sleep, often it seems the danger might even be lurking within her. In her wakeful hours, she can't escape the foreboding that something big is about to happen; something impossible and very real. And when Kate meets Dominic, she can't believe her good fortune. He is amazing. He is beautiful and sweet. He sweeps her off her feet and makes her feel safe, secure, and protected.

But Dominic is hiding a secret. A secret so big, it might tear these two apart before they have barely begun. Because in addition to Mr. Wonderful, he is also a werewolf and she, a vampire. As sworn enemies, he was sent to destroy her before she fulfills the prophecy that brings extinction to his race. Only, poor Dominic cannot bring himself to do it. There is something about her, he knows she was meant for himself. He could no more kill her, than he could rip out his own heart. But what will he do when she realizes who she is? Why he came to Chicago? The truth of how they met?

Ohhhhhhhh man, what a story! A sexy, fun story. A heroine destined to become a vampire, of course her vegetarianism is a bit of a problem. A problem that absolutely tickled my fancy. And a delicious, alpha werewolf who makes me a little wet thinking about him. Yep, this is my kind of romance.

Though, it must be said, I frequently wanted to bi*chslap Kate. That girl... she makes me mad... so angry. And yet, I understood her confusion and heartbreak. I respect the trials she went through. And therefore, at other times, I desperately wanted to bi*chslap Dominic.

What. A. Stubborn. Pair.

Grrrrrrrr. Which brings me to my final thoughts on the book:
"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, why why why? It's over? I don't get to see the end? No! I waited... semi-patiently... for happy things and this is what I get? It's not fair. Now all I can do is obsess about when the second book will be released. I might actually die. Die, I say!"

So, read at your own risk. But really, it's a lovely good time. 

Review from Roxy's Reviews:

 I'm a huge fan of Paranormal Romances, and Werewolves are my ultimate favorite paranormal creature, so when Dominic Ridolfi walked into my life, it was almost the end of me. Damn! He was one fine specimen.

 But before my review turns into an ode to Dominic...

This book was exciting. I've read many Paranormal Romances, most of which include Vampires and Werewolves, and I'm always intrigued by how the author will spin the tale of these two creatures. I loved the idea of Kate being human in the beginning, not knowing her true identity, and the fact that Dominic was sent to kill her. These two were most definitely the definition of star-crossed lovers. They were the Romeo and Juliet of the Paranormal world and my heart broke a little for them with the knowledge that no matter how much they loved each other, the war between their kinds would in one way or another keep them apart. Or would it? That was the question that really spurred me on as I read this great story.

 Dominic was willing to give up so much for Kate, but would she be willing to give him her heart completely? I had so much hope that they'd find each other along the way, but there were so many factors against them. Trust was a big issue, and then there was the obvious hate between their kinds, not to mention golden boy Alex. Kate also had so much to deal with as the life she knew was ripped to shreds. I did feel that she kind of took to her new life too easily. She questioned things but never really fought against them. The only part of her new life she was adamant about wanting nothing to do with was the blood drinking.

 This story was an intriguing tale of forbidden love and family loyalty, as Dominic and Kate both struggled with doing what was right; what was expected of them, or following their hearts no matter the cost. It was a great read.

Review from Musings from an Addicted Reader:

Werewolf Dominic Ridolfi has been sent to kill Kate, a woman who unbeknownst to her, is from a long line of vampires.  It should have been straight forward, but Dominic finds himself drawn to Kate even though an attraction between the two would be forbidden.  When Dominic ends up rescuing Kate, he can't stay away and finds himself falling hard for her and it is mutual. 

 Everything combusts though when the inevitable happens and Kate turns.  Everything Kate thought she knew about Dominic is a lie, or is it.  Now the vampires have found her and she is learning about her past, but who can she truly trust?

Highly entertaining read.  I so wanted Dominic and Kate to defy the rules.  Had a few surprising twist, well worth picking up for shifter/vampire fans.

Review from Paranormal Romance Fans for Life:

Fall of Darkness is a great read. The writing is clear, descriptive, and pulls the reader in from the first moments. Full of light, hope and humor in the beginning, this story quickly turns dark and (perhaps) hopeless. The heroine, Kate Murdock, is compelled to live in a world not only not of her choosing, but anathema to the very basis upon which she has built her life. Despite the horror Kate’s life has become, she finds a way to hold onto the precious, although battered remnants of her human nature. 

Throughout, this reviewer remained hopeful and cheered Kate on, but my fists were bunched and my anxiety level was off the charts.

The only downside of this story is that I will have to wait for the sequel to find out what happens, but there is no doubt I will be waiting, anxiously if not patiently. Very well done.

Review from Brandy Nacole's Books:

An amazing debut novel!

Dominic is a werewolf and has just been assigned to go get rid of the doom of his race, Kate.  Kate is a vampire and her fate is believed to be the end of Dominic's race, although she is oblivious to all of this.  But when Dominic meets Kate, he pauses, not expecting the compassion beauty he finds, even though his race is depending on him. 

Elle Bright has laid out a great foundation for the start of this promising series.  The flow and connection with the characters was perfect.  I am eagerly waiting for the second book in this series. 

Review from The Literary Panda:

When I first signed up for the tour, I chose to post just an excerpt. But then I realized that I should not let the chance pass by to read a book with a plot that interests me a lot. I told myself, "Damn it, Algel! It's a werewolf-vampire kind of romance! You should read it!" And the decision I made didn't make me regret. Fall of Darkness is such a great story to read.

 So, what's up with the werewolf-vampire romance?

As far as I know, it's a forbidden kind of love. Werewolves and vampires race were mortal enemies. They're like heaven and hell. Sunshine and rain. Ice and fire. Yin and yang.

Dominic is assigned to kill Katerina, also known as Kate. She's a vampire and destined to end the darkness and race of Dominic's entire werewolf race. But Kate know nothing about this since she's not yet transformed. Dominic could've killed her easily, but ended up falling for her.

This is such a good book. The character build up, the romance, the suspense, the author did a great job. I love Dominic. I fell for him easily. The fact that he's true to his feelings for Kate, he turned his back from his family for her. He's willing to fight for her. There's just a part where I hated Kate. I didn't understand her real intentions when she learned the truth from Dominic, and met her tutore, Alexander. It seemed like she love them both and sworn eternity with the two of them. But later on, that hatred for her changed, but not my hatred for Alex. I used to love the name Alex, but this time, I loathe him. So. Much.

I'm looking forward to what happens next to Dominic and Kate's forbidden love story. This book is excellent. Addictive. You will fall in love with Dominic every step of the way. 

Review from I Heart Books:

Ahhh, forbidden love!

What would you do if you found out everything you believed about yourself to be a lie and the person who you fell in love with is not all they appear to be?

This is the case for Kate, a beautiful girl that doesn't know her true purpose in life. She is the heir to the Vampire throne and the savior of their race but does she know that, nope she doesn't find out until after she is saved by Dominic, a dark handsome stranger. They quickly fall in love but she finds that there is more to him that meet the eye. When she makes the change from human to vampire she feels lost and broken and betrayed.

Dominic is the dark handsome stranger but he is also a werewolf assassin sent to kill Kate before she reaches her destiny. What he doesn't expect is to imprint on her and fall desperately in love with her at first sight. He decides to go against his family and his kind to follow his heart, repercussions be damned. Will he end up losing it all when he finally tell Kate the truth not only about her but about himself as well?

Alex, oh poor Alex was promised Kate from the time of her birth. He has watched over her over the years and has grown to love her very much. He has been there for her since her change and is willing to wait to collect all of the pieces she is willing to give.

Will she choose love over family and betray her kind? Who is lying to her, who can she trust, and what will become of her?

I really enjoyed reading this story. Ms. Bright has given us slightly different spin on the Vampire and Werewolf kind has taken some of the lore from all different areas, but made it her own. It was nice to read a story that wasn't your normal cookie cutter vampire or werewolf novel. The characters were well thought out and presented and the story had a great flow to it. I was sad to see it end so quickly but I can only hope that we will be getting the rest of the story so I am keeping my fingers crossed.

 Review from Paranormal Romance and Authors that Rock:

This book was a gift from the author Elle Bright through PR&ATR for an honest review. This is her debut novel and it is a wonderfully written story of love, family, vampires, werewolves, ancient prophecies, and betrayals. Kate is a nurse who is attacked one night and Dominic rescues her and they develop a relationship that leads to love. When Dominic reveals the secret that he knows her true heritage and Kate is a vampire and he a werewolf Kate leaves him thinking he is crazy. Later after she finds out he was right, she also learns the truth about her heritage and the prophecy written about her. This story is well written and the characters come to life on the page. I couldn’t put the book down I read it from front to back in one sitting. I hope there will be a book two, I would love to hear more about Kate and Dominic. I give it 5 fangs.

Review from Nicci’s Book Blog:

What happens when you’re the one sent to kill the vampire heiress, the one that could destroy all that you know, only to have the shocking feeling you’re looking at your soul mate?
Your body is not held to the ground by gravity, but a beautiful kind hearted woman. Dominic is about to find out. Dominic is the big strong fearless alpha, a great warrior but is he about to betray his family and his entire race for Kate.

This book is the first from indie author Elle Bright, and what a way to begin!
Fall from darkness is a stunning get away fantasy into the werewolf vampire world, interwoven with tension, romance, darkness, heart break and love. Dominic is strong and sexy, Kate the kind hearted E.R nurse, they have such a great intense chemistry together, the story has a deep story line and wonderful in depth characters, with a wicked plot, that keep you reading this fast paced book. This book is pure escapism at its best and I cannot wait for book two!
A great piece of fantasy writing from Elle Bright, highly recommended!


Review from About that Story:

 I liked this story a lot, it was a good read and there were parts I really loved. I enjoyed Kate and Dominic's interactions and their growing relationship. I liked their chemistry a lot. I also liked the conflict and inner turmoil that was involved.

When Kate's world is turned upside down, everything seems pretty abrupt and matter of fact. I like how she dealt with it for the most part even though she was very conflicted a lot of the time. During the second half of the book, I felt bad for Dominic and Kate and all they were going through. There was just so much longing and it was rather heartbreaking. I liked the growing friendship between Kate and Alex as well but I never liked Alex like I liked Dominic. He was intriguing but I never fully trusted him, it was like he had an ulterior motive I didn’t know about. 

There was a section in the middle where I thought things were a bit drawn out and I was ready for some action, by the time the ending came around, I wasn’t disappointed. There were some emotional times at the end with drama mixed in and I was happy with the conclusion. I can see with how it ended where a second book would come into play (and yes, there will be a book two – Dark Redemption).

This was a love story with paranormal characters involved. I liked the storyline, characters, the bit of heat, and drama. Definitely a good read.

Review from Monlatable Books:

This is the debut novel by Elle Bright and this paranormal tale is based on the werewolf versus vampire theme. Kate is the key to the fulfillment of a prophecy that she isn't even aware of. Kate has nightmares where she sees a version of herself that is evil and she is being chased by a dark creature that she can't quite make out or recognize. Her parents died in a car accident when she was very young and she was adopted soon after, so Kate has no real sense of her family history, and absolutely no clue what her true self is and what it means to be a Cacciatori. Dominic is the werewolf who has been tasked to kill Kate and remove the threat the she represents to his kind; however when he sees her in person for the first time he finds that he can't follow through with killing an innocent. There is also the problem of her bringing out a strong desire to protect her and the urge to see her as his "Il cambiamento", his true mate.

When Kate is faced with what she is she has real difficulty coming to terms with being a vampire and what that means for her. Alexander and Massimo help her to adjust, but Alex has more than a platonic interest in Kate. There were several instances in this story where I really, really wanted to smack Kate around a bit. I get that she was having difficulty adjusting and accepting the changes that were being forced upon her, but seriously, I just wanted her to get on with it already and suck it up. So I suppose that Elle did her job as writer when you want to pimp slap the heroine!

There were some parts of the story that felt as though it didn't flow as well as others, but all in all a good first book. This title is available at Amazon for $2.99 so it's a good price for a full length book. This is the first in a new series and the second book in the series will be titled Dark Redemption. 

Review from The Book Harlots:

Elle did a fantastic job on her debut novel. There was just one part in the book that ruined my initial five star rating. I’m not specifically naming the scene just because I want to attempt to avoid spoilers in case someone hasn’t read it. But, the part in question, I viewed as being a turning point for Dominic and Kate’s relationship; whether it would be strictly platonic or full on romantic. That part is one of several critical points in the book, and it let me down. Not because it was poorly written or any other reason some dislike a whole novel (I loved this one) the scene just moved way too fast for me.

It went from zero to sixty in a page. The meeting of the characters, however planned it was, is crucial in their development. So, I would’ve loved more depth and more finesse with it. Dominic and Kate have so many layers readers can peel them away as they read, even cry a little. That experience wasn’t made to rush.

Now to get into what I loved about the book, beginning with Dominic. He is a hot, sexy, deadly Italian alpha-male with a romantic side. Did I mention he’s also a werewolf and an assassin? Ladies, you can now melt into an erogenous puddle. Then there’s Kate, an ER nurse, vegetarian, volunteer and she’s both a lover and a fighter. What more could you want in a heroine? She’s also a future Vampire Princess and the key to two races survival.

This book was suspenseful, romantic, infuriating and just an all-around awesome novel. It had so many ways each scenario could’ve gone, while you’re rooting for one, something comes along and you’ll be rooting for the other. I however, am in full Dominic bandwagon. A hot sexy Italian wolf, who’s also an assassin and a romantic? You better believe I’m hopping on that! Kate is an amazing woman, she’s a vegetarian Vampire, who will fight when she needs to but also knows when to love and back down. Like many of us, each of them have their demons they have to work through. For Kate though, she’s just not sure exactly what those are. All of these aspects Elle gathered magnificently together. Each coiled you tighter and tighter until you were ready to yell with frustration!

Dominic and Kate are sworn enemies, even if she doesn’t know it yet. Wolves and Vampires don’t mix and Dom has a job to do. But, will this be the one he won’t complete? Check out “Fall of Darkness” to find out!

Review from Kota’s Book Kollection:

Fall of Darkness by Elle Bright is a paranormal romance that mixes traditional fantasy with a modern day twist. Kate Murdock works as an emergency nurse in a Chicago hospital never dreaming that she is the long lost vampire princess prophesied to bring the vampires back into the daylight and ridding them of the darkness that has encaptured their souls. The werewolves, bitter enemies of the vampires, send their most loyal and deadliest assassin, Dominic Ridolfi, to Chicago to kill Kate before she completes her change and once again becomes vampire princess Katerina Cacciatori. But what happens when he sights down the barrel of his gun and sees his soul mate?

Elle Bright's first book of the Darkness Chronicles, Fall of Darkness is a must read book for the paranormal romance genre fan. It combines the classic romantic theme of divided houses and bitter rivalry with sexy werewolves and bloodthirsty vampires. Bright uses a two person perspective to tell her tale with smooth transitions that aren't repetitive but convey the thoughts and feelings of both Kate and Dominic.

Kate Murdock's nights are plagued with nightmares of being chased by an unrelenting darkness whilst a man hidden in the shadows watches. She is unaware of the world in which she was born, having been adopted by a human couple when she was 2 years old, so the dreams hold no meaning for her. She is completely dazzled by Dominic after he comes to her rescue after she is attacked by three would be rapists. Elle Bright has given a sweetness to Kate that mesmerizes and makes you want her find true happiness. 

Dominic is ruggedly handsome with a poetic tongue. His words caress your mind like a lover strokes your hair and his romantic gestures would put the most practiced Lothario to shame. He gives up everything for Kate, betraying his own kind to be with her. His ability to recognize his own feelings for Kate without denial makes him a worthy soul mate for the beautiful and kind Kate and a hot hero in the series.

 A third significant character appears in the book after Kate turns to teach her the way of the vampire. Alexander Ambrogio is vastly different to Dominic in both looks and personality, Dominic smolders and Alex charms the pants off you with his golden looks and flirtatious care of the newly turned Kate. He has a little bit of cockiness and bad boy persona that would make any young woman want to tame him and there wouldn't be too much disappointment if the Katerina side of Kate took control and fell into bed with him at least once.

 Minor characters are all well written and provide a necessary elements to the story, history, danger, humor and reality. They do not overwhelm the story and help it to progress.

Fall of Darkness is a very good paranormal romance. If there are any disappointments they are very minor and personal. I would have liked to have had a bit more of a predatory sense from Dominic, more rough edges to go with his image as the werewolf assassin. There are some chapters that drag a little, but it is more than made up for with heated passion, a good story line and likeable characters. I wouldn't be surprised if this author gets a lot of recognition in the future.

Review from Love N. Books:

Fall of Darkness is a very good debut novel for Elle Bright.  It is very intriguing and I love how it intertwines both vampires and werewolves and also goes about them in a different way.

Anyone who knows me, knows that werewolves are my ultimate favorite paranormal creature – just WOW!!!  So Domimic was just even more yummy for me!!  :)

Dominic Ridolfi is sent to kill Kate (Katerina) Cacciatori before she turns.  Dominic is a werewolf and Kate is from a family of vampires.  However, instead of trying to kill her, Dominic finds himself saving her and falling for her.  The magnetic pull between these two is immediate and very strong.  Dominic knows that their involvement goes against everything but he no longer cares.  Kate however, is clueless as to who Dominic really is and who she is really is.  Kate finally comes to the realization of who she is really, she hates Dominic for lying to her and depends on the one person who was there when she turned – Alex.  Alex helps Kate adjust to her new “life” and guides her through everything.

Through it all, Dominic never gives up on his love for Kate.  And Kate still yearns for Dominic but knows they can never be.  Alex will do anything and everything to make Kate happy – even waiting ‘til she is able to move on from her past.  This is a different love triangle because Kate is still in the dark about her past and family, where Alex and Dominic know everything.  Kate holds the future of both clans in her hands.

A tale of forbidden and family loyalty – what do you choose???  Elle does a great job of building the plot and story line behind this series!  I love getting to know the heritage of both the vampires and werewolves and how they are all intertwined with one another.

I can’t wait to see what happens in the next book.

Review from Ebook Escapes:

“How could he possibly protect the one he must destroy?”–Dom’s thoughts

After getting assaulted, Kate’s luck turns around as she’s rescued by gorgeous Dominic Ridolfi and swept away in an epic romance. Unfortunately, her fairy tale doesn’t end with a happily ever after, and instead morphs into a tale of vampires, werewolves, and a prophesy where she’s the star attraction. Dominic promises to stay by her side forever despite the fact that as a vampire and werewolf, they were born to be enemies. The vampires aren’t going to let their princess go that easily. The werewolves aren’t going to let her live…

“If he was a drug, she was definitely an addict. She’d never get enough of him.”–Kate’s thoughts

I loved this book and was drawn into the author’s world with the great storytelling and descriptive imagery. The book can almost be split into two smaller books–the first being a beautiful romance between two people and the other an urban fantasy where Kate must learn how to fight and accept her role as not only a newly turned vampire but also a princess.

The first half focuses on Kate as a human as she falls in love with Dominic, who has been sent to kill her before she turns. Instead of an assassination and very short book, we get two souls falling in love so sweetly as Dom shows Kate the time of her life, ready to give up everything for her. It almost reads as a contemporary romance with a billionaire hero and sweet heroine aside from the undertones that something is off with Kate as she unknowingly transitions into a vampire. The romance is fantastic, and I would call it medium heat level since there is sexual tension and a sex scene without gratuitous description.

The second half continues with Kate as a vampire and has more of an urban fantasy feel with romantic elements. Not to spoil too much, but Kate gets placed in a love triangle as she tries to navigate the vampiric world. Although a different feel than the first half, it’s fantastic on its own and really brings out the paranormal elements. We also get the mythology behind the two immortal races and prophecy, which was in-depth and thought out.

“Maybe there was no black or white, but varying shades of gray.”–Kate’s thoughts

The characters in the story are great. Kate is a lovely heroine, and I couldn’t help but root for her throughout particularly since she’s so gentle and willing to try hard to not act like a typical vampire. Dom is so romantic that it’s hard to imagine him as a merciless assassin. The banter between Kate and her friends are fun and believable while the banter between the immortals is cold and shows the harsh world they live in. With these characters, it’s difficult to say who is good as bad since they’re all trying to survive with how they were raised to survive.

While much of the book was spent showing Kate and Dom’s love developing and then the implications of it, the ending was quick and leads to many unanswered questions. I hesitate to say you could read this as standalone since the future is still murky despite the resolution. Personally, I’m looking forward to the next volume in this series! Overall, if you enjoy paranormal romance, vampires, and werewolves, make sure you pick this one up! This is a 5 out of 5 for me!

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