Tuesday, September 3, 2013

5-star Review from Author Lee Mavin

I was honored to receive this 5-star review from fellow author, Lee Mavin. I'm always thrilled to receive feedback from my readers, but it is especially rewarding when they have enjoyed my work. :)

The Fall of Darkness is an addictive book that satisfied all of my Vampire/werewolf needs. I was one of those border line readers of the genre, still hurt from that vile Twilight series and almost sworn off anything Vampire related. This book has redeemed my faith in anything Vampirish and even though it deals with a Vampire/werewolf vampire royalty love triangle, (its not TWILIGHT) it does it in such a fresh way and basically destroys any previous attempt i.e Underworld Movies series, in the process.

The first half is very much a romance and is heavily influenced by the witty feminine narrative, there were times when I laughed, other times when I cringed, as the at times disruptive and gossiping narrative seems to impose her opinions in doses and at other times just echoes what Kate and Dominic feel.

There is a good build up of lusty desire and character development between the future Princess of Vampires and the Prince of the werewolves.
The second half of the book explodes in fantasy and new characters are introduced satisfying the build up of tension. Dominic and Kate are torn apart by the Vampires and Kate is flown off to Italy to delve into the luxurious, yet mischievous world of Vampire royalty. I really liked the way she maintained her innocence, refusing to drink blood from humans, even though there was a Vampire Demon spirit raging within her, begging to kill! (I guess more of that will be in the next book) this part reminded me of Jean Grey and Phoenix in X-men, she is like a good girl battling an extremely powerful and evil girl within!
Dominic gives the story a much needed male voice and he gets what he wants in the end (can't spoil it, but it had me cheering!)
The Fall of Darkness was an excellent start to a series that has it all: fantasy, addictive characters and a new spin on and overused genre.
Go and check this book out, you won't be disappointed!


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